Linking Algeria to Europe and the World
OranLink is a subsidiary of IslaLink, a neutral and independent submarine telecommunications operator.

OranLink has been established to operate ORVAL, a submarine cable that will link the cities of Oran (Algeria) with Valencia (Spain) and that is expected to enter into operation in 2018.

Besides, OranLink operates on behalf of Algerie Telecom a Tier-2 Internet Point of Presence (POP) with three sites in Marseilles (France). Through this POP, Algerie Telecom’s Network is connected to several tier-1 networks and is linked to Amsterdam (AMS-IX), London (LINX), Paris and Frankfurt. From its POP in Marseilles, OranLink also offers operators and ISPs leased circuits (SDH) to Algeria.

The three sites of OranLink in Marseilles are located at the following addresses:
   Interxion MRS1 : 40 Avenue Roger Salengro
   Jaguar Network Datacenter : 70 Chemin du Passet
   Verizon SMW4 Cable Landing Station : 5 Avenue de la Bauxite
Contact information:
Calle Velázquez, 35
28001 Madrid - Spain
Phone: +34 91 426 05 44
Fax: +34 91 431 54 26
NOC 24x7
Phone: +34 91 324 41 03